Sound Off Speech and Language Therapy L.L.C.
is a private speech pathology practice serving the communication needs of children and families in the Central Mississippi area.  We specialize in treating children  and adolescents with speech, language, cognitive, and  communication disorders. We have experience with treating not only children but adults with dementia and cognitive deficits.

Call us to speak with a licensed SLP if you observe any of the following:
· Frustration when communicating
                                  · Speech that is not understood 
                                  · Inability to follow directions 
                                  · Improper grammatical structures 
                                  · Chronic hoarseness 
                                  · Repetition of sounds or words 
                                  · Drooling 
                                  · Limited vocabulary 
                                  · Difficulty answering questions 
                                  · Sudden change in ability to communicate 
                                  · Difficulty with swallowing and/or eating

                             ​​​​     · Poor socialization

We are dedicated to helping your child grow and succeed in communication and social connections.  Speech and language therapy can help reduce communication frustration, improve family and peer interactions, increase self-confidence, and support academic success.

Click our contact us page to inquire about a free telephone consultation with a licensed speech-language pathologist today!
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